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  • Keep Up To Date

    Things change all the time; outdated software becomes vulnerable to hackers. New features get added. Just think about how often your phone has software updates. Somebody has to manage all these updates. We’ll gladly help you do the website maintenance you want – quickly and efficiently.

  • Quick Changes, Edits & Updates

    Website maintenance and making changes to your website is a breeze. No backwards, forwards confusion and delays. Just tell us what you want and our website maintenance experts will get it done. We have a quick turnaround times for website maintenance so go on, give it a go!

  • Avoid Outdated Website Code!

    Old code = vulnerable to being hacked. Our team will keep your code updated and secure. Get the latest features. If an update breaks something, we’ll fix it in a jiffy!

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Keep Your Website Up To Date


We’ll keep your site updated.


Know your code is being updated each month!


Sit back and enjoy your updated website.

Website Maintenance


$1080 Only available for yearly prepay. (Normally $100/month. Yearly payment includes a 10% discount.)
  • Regular Plugin & Theme Updates
  • Regular Security Patch Updates
  • Regular Performance Updates
  • Regular Feature Updates
  • Monthly Backup

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Is This For You? What You Can Expect

  • Monthly plugin updates.
  • Monthly theme updates.
  • Monthly security patches.
  • Monthly backup.
  • Quick support response time if you find a bug!

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