Do You Know What's Happening On Your Site?

  • Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

    Web analytics is the difference between light and dark. Knowing and not knowing. Success & failure. Making decisions without data is like driving a car while texting on your phone. It’s risky and ill-advised! You need to know what’s going on with your online web presence. You need to know what’s working and what’s not. You need to know where your traffic is coming from.

  • Understand Your Users

    You need to be able to answer questions like: Which country are your users from?. What pages do they leave your website on? Do these weak pages need to be improved? How many visitors do social media platforms send you? Are your visitors on mobile or desktop devices? How long do they spend on your site? What  pages did they view?

  • Target Profitable Traffic Sources

    Those are just a few of the basic questions you need to know the answers to if you want to succeed. If you can tell that the most converting visitors where from Facebook, then it would make sense to focus more of your budget on Facebook marketing. If they are from a specific country, then maybe you should target visitors from that country since they convert better.

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Detailed Statistics On Your Site's Performance


Know how your website is found.


Track your profitable users.


Know who is visiting your site.

Get Web Analytics So You Know How Visitors Are Interacting With Your Site

Get insight into who is visiting your site and track their behaviour as they browse your site.
The result is that you know what’s going on & can make informed decisions.

If you’ve activated this app you should consider trying out our ‘Conversion Analysis‘. We’ll take a detailed look at your reports and identify weaknesses in your website where visitors are not converting!

To measure conversion, or campaign successes, you need at least a “Business” package as it includes conversion tracking.


once off
  • 2 Goals Conversion Tracking
  • Executive Level Report
  • Scheduled Email Report
  • Measure Financial Benefits

Option 1

Extra Conversion Tracking

$50 (Each)

What We Require To Get Started

Avg. Value Per Enquiry

  • It’s a simple calculation to measure the performance of your website
  • What this number tells us is that if you get 100 enquiries, maybe 10 will finally become business.
  • If each of the enquiries that turns into business is worth $100, the “Avg. Value Per Enquiry” is then worth $10.

1. Calculate Total VALUE Of All Enquiries

Calculate the total value of all enquiries.

i.e. how much profit was generated from the batch of enquiries.

2. Calculate Total NUMBER Of Enquiries

This includes the leads that converted to business as well as those that didn’t convert.

3. Divide Total VALUE By Total NUMBER of Enquiries

Divide total value of ALL enquiries by total number of ALL enquiries. The answer is the “Avg. Value Per Enquiry”.

To measure the effectiveness of your website or online marketing campaign we need to work out the value of each action. Please read this section carefully as this is very important to setting up your reporting correctly.

Web Analytics In Action

Discover How This App Gets Used In Our Free Series

Use Web Analytics To Discover Your Traffic Sources.

Web Traffic Secrets You Should Know.

A 20 Point Google Analytics Custom Report Checklist. How is Your Website Performing?

Is This For You? What You Can Expect

  • Delivery within 10 business days.
  • Actionable insights.
  • Improved userflow understanding.
  • Measure marketing campaign results.

Website Reporting Module

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Everyone has a specific idea or concept and making sure that translates onto screen can be daunting. My brand image and message is very particular and I really feel Lab41 created exactly what I wanted. - Nadia Read


They were very professional in their approach and knew so much about my business already that there were not that many questions that needed answering. Go with Lab41, they know what they're doing. - Bert Hofhuis

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The fact that we didn’t have to pay a massive set-up fee like you would to most website developers, and that we were not tied into a contract meant that if it didn’t work out we wouldn’t have lost anything. - Taryn Calmeyer


I found Lab41 extremely patient and, prepared to teach me what I needed to know to get the best end product. It became a fascinating process, I also found the turnaround time remarkable. - Bridget Jones

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