• Specialised Apps

    Niche apps provide a solution that works perfectly for your specific needs. With that in mind we’ve developed custom systems that can be integrated into your site. Tell us the features that your business needs and we’ll try and integrate them for you.

  • Flexible Software

    These apps are designed to meet specific needs that we’ve found many customers have required. Be it an online shop, an online showroom, a membership software site, or a recruitment portal, you’ll find these in our niche apps.

  • Customised Solutions

    Your business has specific needs. Our niche apps meet those needs or can be customised to meet your needs.

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We recommend that you view your personalised success blueprint which will show you exactly which apps apply to you and will help you succeed.

If you’re not a customer, then view the Online Marketing Overview to see how some of the apps fit into the big picture.

For more information on business website basics view this Wikipedia article on web development.

Niche Apps

Get custom solutions for your business.
Contracts and eSignatures

Contracts & eSignatures

Your eSignature contracts, NDA’s, you name it, signed securely on your site. Legally binding digital e-signatures. No monthly fees!

Email PRO

Email PRO

Add a professional look and feel to all your website emails that your visitors get. Give customers the best experience possible.

Enhanced Search App

Enhanced Search

Boost the amount of time visitors spend on your website with this enhanced search function. Make your content easy for visitors to find.

Events App

Events Software

Quickly and easily create events, accept bookings, and manage attendees with our events software.

Lead Nurturing App

Lead Nurturing & Email Autoresponders

Our easy to use lead nurturing services and email marketing software helps you build a relationship with your leads so that they’re ready to do business with you.

Access Restriction App

Membership Software

Membership software which is easy to use and flexible; protects your content by setting different access levels for various people.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Turn your website into a mobile app and explode your engagement. Give your mobile users a fantastic experience with this app.

Shop App

Online Shop

Create the perfect showcase for your products and sell directly to your customers in this easy-to-manage online shop.

Online Showroom

Online Showroom

Build an easy-to-manage online showroom that makes it simple to beautifully display your products and services.

Referral Boom App

Partner Portal

A partner portal can explode the growth of your company. Market your products and services online with a partner program.

PDF Boost

PDF Boost

Get a PDF Boost! Make your catalogues, brochures and leaflets even more awesome when you present your publications in an interactive, online flipable booklet.

Recruitment Portal App

Recruitment Portal

A website job portal for personnel recruitment agencies and companies to post and manage their online jobs and applications.

Expert Translation App

Translate Website

Reach a global audience in their own language with expert website translations. Translate website quickly using expert translations by native speakers.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Focus on what’s important, outsource the rest to a virtual assistant at Lab41. Just detail the task and we’ll get it done.

Website Refresh App

Website Redesign

Website redesign to make sure your website stays relevant. Maintaining a website has never been this easy!

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