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Our Lead Generation offering gets visitors to your website and into your sales funnel.

Why Bundles

Driving Traffic Into The Funnel

So you have a great website. You have a great funnel that handles visitors in all stages of their purchase cycle.

You even have our ‘Lead Max‘ bundle which captures as many leads as possible from your website.

Now it’s time to pour as much traffic into the funnel as possible!

The Race Between The Fiat Uno & The Ferrari

If you’ve used the various options we’ve recommended (and in the order we advise), then you’ve brought a Ferrari to this business race. Since most of your competitors have been too busy with day to day business activities, they’ve brought in a fiat Uno.

So while you’re sitting there at the start, the crowds are watching, the tension builds, it’s critical you do one final step.

You need to fill up your Ferrari with some fuel or you won’t get very far.

Even a lowly Fiat Uno with a little bit of fuel will smash a Ferrari with no fuel.

So what’s the fuel you ask? Easy…traffic.

It’s time to get your Ferrari fueled up for the race. Don’t miss this final step or be skimpy on the budget as this is where you really race ahead!

Top ways to drive traffic

Once you’re sure your funnel converts there is an UNLIMITED amount of traffic you can target. It just costs money. So if your funnel converts better than your competitors you can easily dominate the market since you can afford to pay more for your traffic that converts into leads.

If you’re just starting out in driving some traffic, we’d recommend you focus your budget on the following first as they have the highest impact for your money. Then you can expand to any of the other options available! The chart displays the weighting effectiveness of each channel.

  1. Paid Advertising
  2. SEO
  3. Content/Inbound Marketing
Digital Marketing

What Can We Help With?

Paid Advertising

The quickest way to get leads.

Display Ads

Target online publications your viewers read.

Social Media

Get influencers to promote you.

Inbound Marketing

Helping potential customers find your company

Paid Listings

Pay for listings in key digital areas.

Content Marketing

Get the maximum reach for your content.

Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Get targetted search engine traffic.

Online Publicity

Custom online campaigns.

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