The Customer Management Bundle

How Powerful Do You Want Your Website?

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What Do You Want Today...

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    More Customers

    Through a better experience.

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    More Sales

    Through Better Conversions

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    More Profit

    Through better systems.

Why The Customer Management Bundle?

Technology is changing and your customers want and expect the best experience. It’s critical that you give it to them!

So Much More Than A Website

Having a only a website is so old school. Today you can do so much more with your website!

You’ve got 2 choices:

  1. Be Average – and just use a website like you would a brochure. (Not a good idea!)
  2. Benefit From It – use it to simplify processes, cross-sell & upsell and amaze customers.

Use your website to it’s full potential with these customer engagement apps.

What this bundle does is help you give your customers the best experience possible and get you more business through cross-selling and upselling in the process!

The Customer Management Bundle

These customer management apps focus on improving your customer experience by expanding on the use of your website from just being a marketing or informational tool to full on customer experience!

They can greatly increase the power of your website and skyrocket your conversion rate!

App 1: Client Invoicing

Reduce the time spent getting paid! Improve your business workflow with automated tasks for fielding project requests, estimating projects & getting paid.

Our experts will introduce a powerful client invoicing system to your website.

Not sure why you really need it?

Read this How To REALLY Impress Your Clients With A Client Portal or

This app automates the process of invoicing and sharing documents with clients and creates a massive marketing opportunity.

View Client Invoicing App

Client Invoicing
Live Chat App

App 2: Live Chat

Use our easy to use live chat software to communicate directly with your online website visitors and get them to convert into business. Use live help now!

Not sure why you really need it? Read this This Live Chat Software Can Increase Conversions By 400%.

Make it easy for visitors to ask any questions so that you can boost your conversions.

View Live Chat App

App 3: Appointment Software

Keep on schedule with an easy-to-manage online appointment booking system where clients can book available appointment slots.

Not sure why you really need it? Read this Powerful Appointment Scheduling Software For A Brand Boost.

Don’t miss out on this massive shift towards offering your customers a better experience. Let our experts help get you ahead.

View Appointment Booking Software App

Appointments App

Build a Real & Lasting Business

“Okay, guys. We get it. These 4 apps do a ton of stuff. But what does this stuff do for us? What’s the benefit?”

Here’s the benefit: When this customer experience bundle is activated, you’ve joined the digital age and are ready to benefit from an improved customer experience causing a boost in conversions !

Only If You're Happy...

What People Are Saying About Our Service

100% Satisfaction

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

We offer the guarantee that you’ll be happy with the products and services that we provide. And if you’re not satisfied, we will do our best to make things right.

If there’s anything that we can help with, or if you run into any issues, please get in touch with our support team. They’re really friendly and will help you get the results you’re looking for.


We’ve been doing this a long time, naturally people talk.

  • The fact that we didn’t have to pay a massive set-up fee like you would to most website developers, and that we were not tied into a contract meant that if it didn’t work out we wouldn’t have lost anything. We were pretty amazed by the result and couldn’t believe how great our outdated website looked after being powered through the ‘SitePRO’!

    Taryn Calmeyer
  • My IT knowledge is minimal. I did not understand the many facets in building a website and was deeply concerned I would land up with another tool that would not add value to our business. I found Lab41 extremely patient and, prepared to teach me what I needed to know to get the best end product and, to make said product work best for me. It became a fascinating process. I also found the turnaround time remarkable.

    Bridget Jones
    Pronel Personnel
  • The biggest worry when hiring someone to build a new site is that they are able to translate the concept in your head into the end product. Everyone has a specific idea or concept and making sure that translates onto screen can be daunting. My brand image and message is very particular and I really feel Lab41 created exactly what I wanted and needed.
    Lab41 are innovative, fast, efficient and simply brilliant!

    Nadia Read
  • They were very professional in their approach and knew so much about my business already that there were not that many questions that needed answering.
    Go with Lab41 – they know what they are doing and will add big value to your business.

    Bert Hofhuis
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The Customer Management Bundle Includes

The Customer Management Bundle Includes These Apps
Client Invoicing

Client Invoicing

Reduce the time spent doing client invoicing! Improve your business workflow with automated tasks for fielding project requests, estimating projects & getting paid.

Live Chat App

Live Chat

Live chat software to communicates directly with your online website visitors and gets them to convert into business. Use live help now!

What Do They All Cost?

You're Getting 3 Powerful Apps

As a quick recap, we’ve included the following apps in the bundle.

App 1: Client Invoicing

App 2: Live Chat

App 3: Appointment Software

So what would it cost if I bought them all separately?

Select Your Package

The bundles do not include the following 3 apps as these costs vary and depend on the client’s needs.


once off
$1500 (Normally $1750)

  • Boosting Your Conversions

    By giving a customer a better experience you can easily boost your conversions and improve your sales.

  • Hands-Free Solution

    Our team will integrate the various apps while you sit back and relax. It’s easy, and hands-free for you!

  • Flexible Solutions

    We’ve put together bundles of our most popular apps and offered a discount. If you don’t think any apps are for you, you can always order specific apps individually, but then you’ll miss out on your bundle discount.

  • Technical Experts

    We’ll setup all of the technical, under-the-hood aspects that prime your site for success.

What You Can Expect

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