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    Conversion rates boost will help get your website become razor sharp. Imagine having the power to turn your website visitors into subscribers and customers.

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    Improving your website conversion rates is one of the smartest ways to grow your business fast. This conversion rates app grabs visitors and attention with a strong call to action that converts like crazy.Give your website conversion rates a massive boost with this cutting edge technology. The difference is black and white!

  • Encourage Visitors To Take Action

    eBay auctions have a 40% CONVERSION RATE, and you can piggyback this same technique to MULTIPLY your existing profits by 2x, 3x, even 4x with this app.
    Don’t let your visitors leave your site without taking action.

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Our experts carefully consider web psychology when designing your website product offering.
By introducing a time-sensitive, expiring offer you can encourage website visitors
to take action on your website.


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Some Things To Think About

  • Evergreen Fixed Page Scarcity Promotion – this is a promotion that lasts indefinitely and is set into motion when a user visits a specific page to get your visitors to take action. (e.g. When someone signs up they get a 10% discount offer, or on your thanks page you have an offer, or survey page, competition page, article, etc)
  • Fixed Date Page Scarcity Promotion –  This style of scarcity can be used for limited-time offers which have a fixed time period. (e.g. Christmas specials, Black Friday deals – deals which must expire at a fixed time)
  • Integration with our Lead Nurturing App

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Get 200% More From Your Website With Conversion Marketing

Using Scarcity Marketing For Increasing Conversions

This Live Chat Software Can Increase Conversions By 400%

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  • More Leads
  • More Customers & Subscribers
  • Strong Call To Action
  • Benefit From Scarcity Marketing

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Lio Global

Everyone has a specific idea or concept and making sure that translates onto screen can be daunting. My brand image and message is very particular and I really feel Lab41 created exactly what I wanted. - Nadia Read


They were very professional in their approach and knew so much about my business already that there were not that many questions that needed answering. Go with Lab41, they know what they're doing. - Bert Hofhuis

Sukuma Afrika Logo

The fact that we didn’t have to pay a massive set-up fee like you would to most website developers, and that we were not tied into a contract meant that if it didn’t work out we wouldn’t have lost anything. - Taryn Calmeyer


I found Lab41 extremely patient and, prepared to teach me what I needed to know to get the best end product. It became a fascinating process, I also found the turnaround time remarkable. - Bridget Jones

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